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A blessing

From a journal entry August 2006:

Today in the crowded, can’t move or something will fall over family-owned Kwik Kopy, the whole Sunni/Shiite (I don’t know which) family is at work xeroxing, folding—she in her scarves covering her head, two nearly grown sons, the grandfather, the father. The shop has the feel of a Moroccan bazaar.

Where have you been? they ask me.

The father explains, she’s a writer, to a customer. He’s very proud of me. He wants to know about the latest book, which I’ve come in to xerox. (It will be Dark Angels, published by Crown and Three Rivers Press.) We talk a little about business. September 11 hit them hard, but they’ve hung on.

When I leave, the father says, May you have success like Harry Potter.

I’ve been blessed. Out of nowhere. Among stacks of paper and vibrating xerox machines. Kindness. May it come back threefold to you.