If you would like to contact me, please e-mail kkoen(at)earthlink(dot)net.

5 responses to “Contact

  1. Thank you again for sharing your talents and inspirations at the Rice class. It has launched me into wonderful directions and I am smitten with your Dwight Swain. Hope to see you at one of the 3rd Thursday meetings at HMFA (joined the Tx Writers League). Blessings to you on all your endeavors and please know you will always be the one who inspired me into serious involvement as a writer and introduced me to the creative mind of Rilke.
    It is a glorious spring day in Houston…especially those white blooming trees! Pears? Apples? Breathtaking!
    With gratitude always,

  2. Hello, I really enjoyed your article on making the time to write, I actually have been trying to write a book myself and have found a few favorite places to write. For me I love the Borders Books Store, I love to sit with my tall Moca Coffee and be around people who are either reading a book or talking about books , somehow it always inspires me to write. The ocean and a great picnic lunch, with a few Dove Chocolate squares also can be a great way for me to write a page or two, of course I bring the camera too!!!!! ( last night I think I got about 20 great shots at the ocean( of course I didn’t write anything) perhaps I should try multi-tasking!

  3. Hope you are having a wonderful time in New York. I wanted to quote an authority on the Borders bankruptcy but can’t find it. I think it was in the New York Times. The financial expert said that Borders expanded too quickly, buying or renting high-cost space. A good example is the five-story Borders store in San Francisco. It is right at Union Square (and also very hard to navigate, both within the store and to find parking anywhere near). Monterey is keeping its good sized Borders bookstore, but they also bought the Barnes & Noble location (so they were their own competition). Here we see more customers than ever and more bookclubs than ever.
    Best wishes there in New York!

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