I’m on sale

Through_A_Glass_Darkly_s2Hello. I’ve been offline resting, but online ebook seller bookbub has Through a Glass Darkly on sale only today for $1.99. If you would, if you can, pass it along on Facebook or Twitter or Goodreads or email or whatever.

Here’s the link:

Where have I been? Well, the novel I’m in is taking too long, so I’ve been in lots of worry and fear and judgment, which makes me tired. But I am in some sort of ending (never-ending is what it feels like). I hope all is well with you. I hope I pick this up again, for it feels nice to be here. Love, Karleen




11 responses to “I’m on sale

  1. I always thoroughly enjoy your writing. Please keep it up! Best to you!!

  2. Thank you so much, Rhonda

  3. You will pick it up again when the time is right for you, and I look forward to it. I have this book and the ebook of it as well. Now that I am using my Kindle to house my books, that is the format I purchase whenever it is available. I will let all my friends and family know about this sale, though. Through A Glass Darkly is my favorite all time book. My favorite used to be Gone With the Wind, until this one came out. I look forward to reading the one you are working on now. I will let all my friends and family know this one is on sale, though. How is your mom doing?

  4. Thank you. My Mom is in end-stage Alzheimer’s, completely helpless. Very painful for me…..thanks for your concern…..

  5. I have looked for your ‘posts’ and have missed you very much!!! so glad you are ‘okay’ and hope your writing is going smoother for you . . . you are much loved and we hope to hear from you soon . . .

  6. Thank you, Jeannine…..

  7. I can’t wait for the new book, and many of my friends are saying the same!

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  9. Pat Moberley Moore

    Miss your thought provoking posts ……ready for your new book!!!

  10. Ms. Koen, when I saw your book on Bookbub, it reminded me of the wonderful days reading your books. So I went in search of you and what you were doing. I am so sorry to hear about your father and your mother’S Alzheimer’s. I miss my parent’s so much and sometime I want to say why didn’t you tell me losing a parent is so hard? So I told one of my sons. Did that make him feel guilty that i don’t see my children as much as I want to? Who knows? But our children will one day feel what we feel. Maybe we want to shield them. I know you are in pain but thank you for all the joy you have given others. God bless.

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