cropballSitting in the backyard swing under the big, old camphor tree and words came:

A glass of wine—

fat carpenter bees —

wind swirling green-tipped trees—

April heaven in the garden bower…….

Normally I play to turn it into a haiki, but I was too April lazy. It had been awhile since I’d had an impulse of words. I need to leave more time for daydreaming.

Research news: I leave for The Netherlands soon. I meet with a historian in Maastricht to talk about Louis XIV and his war on the Dutch. And we’re going to Paris for the day on the bullet train to see the war museum and an exhibit on the musketeers. And I’ll meet a historian friend of his there who specializes in the musketeers.

Lucky me. One for all and all for one………cropball


5 responses to “april

  1. What a wonderful adventure.

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  2. Have a memorable trip that nourishes your writer’s soul. Take a little piece of me with you.

  3. I’m so happy for you ! I know that all that research will flourish in your next book. I’m so proud to be a fan of yours. Like I always say to you…I’m standing in the bated breath line.

  4. That April lazy afternoon is a fine adventure.

  5. Wonderful writing and visions for you of a wonderful trip! I’ll look forward to enjoying the subtle and literal references in your next book. Enjoy!

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