in and out of light

It’s late afternoon, and he goes into the bedroom, the little spirit, my youngest grandson not quite three who lights my life right now. Rainbows, he calls out excitedly, and I see that the afternoon sun has sent its prisms through the cut glass set high in the bathroom wall, and colors are here and there on both the bathroom and bedroom floors. I forgot, I tell him. You forgot, he repeats, as he steps into their colors and moves about in happiness. She forgot, he tells the colored light. Nana forgot.

I do forget to walk into my bedroom in the afternoon and see this tiny spectacle of light. I forget to be glad of it. I forget to feel wonder, but my latest angel reminds me. He is moving out of angel stage, into little boy, into maneuvering and understanding this world of ours. But right now, he steps in and out of light.

I do the same, inside. Do you?



6 responses to “in and out of light

  1. Tiny moments. Moments we must grab and hold–and remember. Suddenly I am the tiny one. I’m in my grandmom’s dining room dancing in the rainbow on the white wall.

  2. Jeannine Holley

    yes, yes Karleen, I do . . . (aren’t we fortunate to remember?)

  3. Jamie Patterson

    I love the way you use light as a transitional vehicle. And I absolutely LOVE that your little grandson calls you “Nana.” I am pregnant with my first baby, and my Mom wants to be called “Nana”. 🙂

  4. Rosemary Davis

    Hi Karleen~ I have now read 3 of your books.What a gift you have.God bless you for the happiness you have given to me ~ a total stranger~ while I try to adjust to my new life of disability and pain. Thank you so much

  5. Rosemary Davis

    I have to try and think myself out of the darkness and move back into the light. Thanks again.

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