The other day, when my writing group had to settle on its next meeting date, I, too, whipped out my calendar. Everyone else was tapping on a phone, but I still use a paper calendar; some kind of day planner thing; in fact selecting it each fall is one of my more important decisions. This year I’ve gone to 8 by 10 size, when I had been at 5 by 7, because this year I decided to stop trying to hide my paper state of mind. I feel a little awkward, true, and I always feel out of fashion, as folks in another group I’m a part of pull out phones instantly for any future planning. But today the newspaper included a story about using paper planners, and I gave a sign of relief. It isn’t only me.

There are others who like being able to spread out a page, who like penning something in, who get monumentally impatient with the tiny keyboards of a phone for noting anything complicated (that reason may belong only to me). I can still remember when having a handsome daytimer was as big a fashion statement as carrying the latest hot purse. I remember being in New York, and every women I saw had a filofax. Remember those? I thought they were so glamorous. Anyway, the nerd among my groups (being me) is still using paper for her calendaring needs. I just like it. I like being able to look at a month at a glance and see what’s ahead with detail in all those little daily squares. And I like going to day entries and entering in my activities. As a writer, as someone who works at home and alone, entering what I’ve accomplished, even if that is only answering emails, make me feel less frail. Yes, I, too, have a work life, my psyche can announce in triumphful tones to my inner critic. Just look here what I did on Wednesday.

So the story in the newspaper made me smile. I’m not alone, not quite yet………How do you keep up with yourself? Paper or phone? Why? Do you feel like you’ve given up anything to go digital? Or am I just a dinosaur braying in the paper tar pits?


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  1. Ha…digital calendar on my cell? I haven’t yet mastered calls on my cell phone, and don’t even mention texting, as I can barely see those tiny letters, much less type using them! I’m a DINOSAUR, for sure, and I do so hate to learn new things! Before I can learn to use one new something, something newer takes its place! It is a fast world we live in, today!

  2. I’m down in the tar pits in your good company. When my well-organized daughter visited for the holidays, she took me to task for my disorganized life. She harassed me into a paper planner and worked with me half a day creating my monthly to-do list, Thee something about writing something down by hand that nails it to the mind! So far, two weeks into the new year, so good.

  3. Paper notebook for me…more trustworthy. Gadgets are never reliable and always let me down at crucial times.

  4. You’re not alone. I love making lists and crossing things off. I love to plan ahead and look ahead at my plans while embellishing them. I love my “big, black book”, my peripheral brain as my husband used to call it.

  5. I do dare to say I use both. My paper calendar is a particularly deep ritual for me. I start looking in July and think I bought my 2012 calendar in August. I love to know the day of the week certain days fall on and it sets the tone for me for the year to come. If I don’t have one by the end of the year, I feel that I’m completely unprepared for the coming months. All my important and fun things (those worth remembering) go on this calendar.

    That being said, I do enjoy my phone calendar for notes and memo’s for me to do through the day, because it is one less thing I have to schlep around in my bag. My load is heavy enough already. This is where the things I have to get done go…..

  6. Karleen, me again. I switched to the phone calendar when I switched to the I-phone. I just find it easier now that I’m not living in Academic time. But when I was teaching, I was married to the little rectangular monthly calendar that slipped into my purse. And I loved ordering the 18 month one when that came out. However, my daughter, 44 and married to a computer nerd, agile on computers and smart phones, uses a large paper calendar and planner for her life and her business as an event planner. What’s more, she has a paper address book. Whose the dinosaur?

  7. I love this, Karleen.
    The touch of paper in day to day matters slows me down. I love the way light reflects off the page rather than glaring at me from the screen…As much as I appreciate the convenience the digital world, it is not sensual.

  8. I don’t think it matters what other people do or don’t do. The paper feels strong and comforting to you. And to many. The world is harsh enough without giving up comforting habits. I use electronics because I have the memory of a snail, and the insidious little thing beeps and honks at me to remember to cover my butt. It’s all relative.

  9. Here’s to the refinement (refindment?) of paper! Thanks, what a blessing to read.

  10. BTW, the photo today is truly phenomenal. ;o)

  11. Ahhh, another person who uses paper calendars/day planners! This was so refreshing to read. I keep an appointment book- hard bound, inspirational quotes by Rumi, written in with an actual pen. Same for my wall calendars. I still love the computer to keep in touch and for blogging, but when it comes to planning, its composition books, appointment books and actual journals. Thanks for sharing this interesting topic. Its comforting to know that one of my favorite writers enjoys the old-fashioned way of keeping track of her life.

  12. I also use a paper purse calendar — have done so for years. It has my life in it, and the couple of times I lost it I was frantic until I found it. I use the month at a glance one, so I can see everything coming when I am making another appointment. Every year, when I get my new one, I go through and mark the standing appointments, meetings, etc., so I don’t double-book myself. Telephones are for talking! Also, I have enough trouble with all the romotes in my house to add another gadget which might die on me when the internet burps!

    Connie Buchanan

  13. My phone calendar maybe for doctor apts, banking reminders, etc.. and other things I just want to get out of the way for my “real” life…….it exists on paper… all things of my heart resides.

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