new year

Keep walking though there’s no place to get to….

Don’t try to see through

the distances….

That’s not for

human beings….



But don’t

move the way

fear makes

you move……

Poetry from the 13th century mystic poet Rumi….advice for a new year. I like it that there is some place in our calendar where we may stop, take note, take a deep breath, and try again. At living, I mean. The older I am, the less whirlwind there is in day to day life, the more I am left with myself. With the internal of myself. When I was a young woman, I fled that internal because the words it spoke, words I wasn’t conscious of, cut so deeply. I carried knives whose blades I never saw but from which I was always running.

What does your internal say? If it hurts, is it true? If it isn’t true, how wonderful. If it is, then begin the change so the words are false. Be the beauty you really are…. a goal for 2012………….


5 responses to “new year

  1. Beautiful poem and thoughts.
    Jan Ruffin

  2. Thanks for sharing! Rumi is a source of wisdom that never ceases to inspire me. Glad to see you enjoy his words as well. Wishing you the best in 2012!


  3. So beautiful, Karleen. No better words for this. About the internal…
    You give me space as I read.

  4. D’s message says it all…. So grateful there is a Karleen Koen whose words have enriched this time in my life so deeply. Thank you, Ms. Koen… God bless you & your beloveds in all your ways in 2012! jan m.

  5. hmmmm…the older I become the more confidence i have. what i wear and how i look is not important. what is important is trying to change wrongs. to fight for the innocent, defenseless and voiceless. none are more so than animals because people are so humancentric. we can all agree that ill treatment of people is not right but most people know nothing of real misery. if only schools had mandatory field trips through slaughter houses. how would it feel to be viewed as food or a lab experiment? we should be grateful we were born as we are. why do we torment ourselves with virtual miseries? fight for what’s right and the good of it will drive away whatever evils torment you.

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