Two small things have made me happy recently. WordPress is adding snow flakes to the blog posts for the season again. It’s likely the only snow I will see, and the sight of them on the screen and across my words makes me smile. And I found file folders for the new book. I don’t know if you were a school supply freak like I was, but office supply stores are the way I’ve taken that delight into my adult life. For several years now, one can purchase file folders with really beautiful patterns or designs on them. And I do. And each book has its own set of folders. And I had a simple and lovely blue for this next book, but then I saw a more dramatic navy and teal background with new-grass-with-yellow-still-in-it green slight design of a flower and feather and bird, and that was it. It’s the next book’s folder.

I think I’m calling the next book: Our Bed is Green, from the Song of Solomon… Alice and Richard story. I need small things that please me as I grow older. I have this memory of reading about Sir Alec Guinness saying, we must gradually, gracefully grow into a less grand position. He was speaking of aging. When we’re young we’re the center of our drama, but drama doesn’t travel well in the forward motion that is life.

What do you think?


3 responses to “folders

  1. K:
    Come on up for a visit. It is snowing this morning…lightly, but everything is covered in a clean, white sheet. Love the WordPress snowflakes.
    Love the Alec Guinness quote. Just relax and let it happen – stop fighting and working hard, aging gives one the time to become more “graceful”.
    Love to you! J

  2. Karleen,
    I love this post. As one who is aging (as we all are!) I love to hear thoughts like Sir Alec’s. There is comfort in the company you keep in your thoughts, I love the reflective tone of all your posts. As writers we know words have power and your blog has such a beautiful energy.

  3. I think Sir Alec must have seen his life as an actor that way. The drama centers around the younger generation with the older generation playing supporting roles. I guess I feel that way too now that I am older. Life does seem to center around the young. I am happy to leave that drama behind and enjoy the ride. It allows us time to notice the small pleasures we overlook when we are young..

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