May we take steps in peace upon the earth…..boom goes my heart as it opens inside my chest. I’m holding hands with a partner, whom I don’t know, and we moving in a semicircle at a meditation workshop. We repeat-sing the words again as we move in the other direction. May we take steps in peace upon the earth. What tremendous delicacy it would require, I think, to take only steps in peace…..

I bow to the flower in you, we both say, as we bow to one another. Boom, goes my heart again, expanding out inside me, as I am so touched to say such words to another, to have them said to me. Only my very young grandchildren, in their wild innocence, move me this way. My mind can only just grasp the idea of the flower in another, in me, the rose, the daisy, the marigold, the lily, the peony, the violet….their names alone are a kind of poetry. A  flower is a thing of beauty. What a concept, that we are innately things of beauty, that within us is a unique blossom of soul.

I bow to the flower in you.

5 responses to “flower

  1. Thank you so much for your weekly blogs! I so enjoy reading them. I also really enjoy reading your books and have found myself in a stump of wanting something to absorb me.
    Do you have a list of authors or books that have moved you and inspire you in your work? I would be very interested in learning what books and stories you have enjoyed!

    • Gretchen,
      Me too! I’m at a loss for good works to read since completing all of Karleen’s books recently. I’ve picked up a couple from similar periods by different authors, then promptly set them down. They pale in comparison. And I’m really picky– can’t just read junk. Thanks for asking this.

      You recently recommended Empire of the Sun. Any others that stand out as inspiring books for you?

      Many thanks to you both… my Kindle is lonely.

  2. Karleen- Very often your words make me think in a different way. They settle me. The gentleness of your soul is so apparent.

  3. Karleen I only just got to reading this. How relaxing to think of being a flower. As you so beautifully relate your wonderment I feel mine…

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