wild child

Today I feel a lovely thing, a minute flame inside that will likely grow into the next novel. It wasn’t an idea of the novel flame, but a willingness to even attempt the project flame. For two Saturdays I’ve been talking about the place of creativity among the aspects of writing a novel. Perhaps that moved my own out of its cave. It helped that atop a wonderful class and meeting a new set of wonderful people, I was reading Ellen Gilchrist‘s  The Writing Life.

I talked about the care and feeding of the writer within in my class. So how will I feed my suddenly willing to try again writer? By collaging blank journals. By reading nourishing fiction, which means good fiction of any genre. By going to the museum to see  both Tutankhamun and an exhibit about the art of living in the eighteenth century. By creating dinner parties for people I like. By continuing to go to the Archway Gallery readings to absorb the art and wit and talent of regulars who read there. I must respect and guard that very sweet, very curious, very daring, but very much wanting to please wild and shy child inside from which the stories come.

I will blow on the tiny little campfire flame the wild child just lit and make the fire grow fierce so she can dance wildly and with abandon around it, so the bears that lurk in the woods will stay away, afraid of the flame, afraid of me.


5 responses to “wild child

  1. Karleen- You GO GIRL! I love your spirit. I also like the dinner party with people you like idea. Chemistry is everything.

  2. Sounds like a good plan. Sounds like a good life.

  3. Here’s a novel I read that may further fan your flames: MAINE, by Courtney Sullivan–it’s a great study of family dynamics with a matriarch you’ll love to hate.

    Always enjoy your posts, Miriam

  4. Oh I love reading about the wild child! The spark, the flame…and getting the feeling of how she needs her own dance before she dances fir others.

  5. You are so inspiring! I can’t wait to see/hear/read about your muse’s adventures. I think the time of year might be partly responsible- some see autumn as a nearing towards the “death” of the year, but for me it was always something different- an awakening, a changing of energy, a stirring of the breeze (like in the book “Chocolat” but a positive force). I so enjoy your blogs- keep up the great work! 🙂

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