There was an article in an old Smithsonian Magazine about Agatha Christie. She kept to herself, didn’t do interviews, had this runaway, hideaway place of a second home, and once, she did run away….disappeared for a time. I’m feeling a little like running away. This is the time in a writer’s life when suddenly there is this exposure, as if you’d been sleeping peacefully and someone pulls back the covers and turns on the lights. My fourth book is about to be out. It debuts officially June 28, and here I am, blinking stupidly at the light’s glow of that. It’s as if I must wake up from a giant sleep and comb my hair and look presentable. I must announce my deed of writing a book. I must explain why I did what I did. Or I must read about someone else’s opinion on why I did what I did and whether I did it properly. The thing about writing fiction is, it’s such a private act. You write and someone else reads, but your paths never cross. There is silence in writing and silence in reading. I’m always whining to whoever will listen about the solitude of my work, but I realize as I must step out of that solitude for a few minutes, how comforting it is, how I love it. I really am a hermit dreaming a dream I write down. Plant dreaming deep….that’s the name of a memoir by the poet May Sarton…..the words resonate right now. Don’t want to unfurl and explain the dream.

3 responses to “awake

  1. The hardest part for me is trying to ‘sell’ my work – all that business side of writing. I’ve never had anything published other than a few essays and newspaper articles, so I haven’t experienced what you’re talking about, but I can understand it. I look forward to reading your latest one!

  2. Karleen – Girl, you’re an old hand at this and how wonderful! We hope our problems become more interesting and their solutions more gratifying. I’d trade problems with you any day but I couldn’t manage your lively and gracious solutions. Only you can do that. That’s why we love you so!

    Congrats on number FOUR! May you follow up with many more.

  3. I love May Sarton……and I am looking forward to your new book…..ready for a good read!

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