A dull week for me; most of it spent with me sick, something I seldom am. I kept myself occupied by opening Georgette Heyer, the originator of light little comedies of manner set often but not always in the Regency period in England. She has been widely copied, but too few write these little frothy escapes as well as she does because most lack her sense of humor and assured plotting. She makes fun of the pompous, the proper pleased with themselves, and the pious. She understands youthful folly and enthusiasm. She understands yearning. There’s always a handsome, unattainable hero; there’s often an older young woman (late twenties) who is quite happily unmarried. Or the heroine is young and impetuous. At their best, her stories are delightful to me. At their worst, they are contrived, but I don’t mind. I like the way she characterizes spoiled beauties, managing mamas, and lazy older men.

Only 2 of her romances have an ounce of reality…..one in which there is an arranged marriage and almost real heartbreak. Another in which the lady who takes the hero’s heart is unrestrained enough to break it over and over again in spite of his sterling qualities. The first time I read these 2 stories, so many years ago, I wasn’t certain I liked them. They were just outside the very neat boundaries of Heyer’s stories. But I notice that I’ve done the same, woven in a seasoning of reality into the fiction I write, so that in some ways, I’m quite unsafe to read.

What about you? Who is your go-to when sick or in need of rescue from life? Why do we like what we like?

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  1. So sorry you are feeling bad! But what a nice author to choose to help lift your spirits. I enjoy Heyer as well, I wish I could find the time to read some more of hers! If I had a go-to (& prolific) author to choose from, it would be a toss-up between Heyer and Plaidy/Holt, depending on how witty I want to get.

  2. In answer to your email.. since I love the historical novels, my fave Plaidy novels that I have rad (Still have many more to go) are Murder in The Tower (it’s not about the Tudors or Anne Boleyn!) and My Enemy the Queen under her Holt name. Lettice Knollys and Elizabeth are featured here and I fell in love with Lettice and her attitude.
    I love Heyer’s romances and mysteries, my favorite of hers being Arabella, and The Unfinished Clue.

    It’s been quite awhile though, perhaps I should devote my summer to catching up on some of these oldies but goodies that I have yet to read!

  3. I just wanted to tell you that you are one of my favorite go to authors. When I want to read something I know I am going to love and enjoy the choices are your books or Jane Eyre. All take me somewhere far away.

  4. marlene mesilla (brandt)

    karleen you are my go-to for me you are the best writer of historical novels of the 20th & 21st century..your Edward story made me cry my uncle Neil was in ww2(died from shrapnel wouds eventually) he would never talk abt Patton & battle of bulge good luck with new book

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