5 responses to “late at night

  1. K:
    Things happen in the time frame that they should. What you write and how it is written takes exactly the right amount of time. Your time.

  2. Readers are so demanding, so needy, so necessary. Dammit.

  3. I love it. We never know who’s “listening” as we spill our heart out onto a page. I used to read Faulkner for inspiration. Shall I try him again? Or music? Right now it’s Jung who starts my fingers tapping.

  4. Just knowing something inspired you is great; so many fledgling, flailing writers don’t. It’s part of learning as much as you can about the writer within. Important….Karleen

  5. When I am finally able to “stand back” from my sculpture creations and my poetry, I find that it is a way to see myself, to find out what is real below the righ brain thinking process…..and often, it is a surprise.

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