Thinking about heroines….thinking about a lecture I heard Jean Bolen give at the Jung Center last year. Among the things she said was that a heroine’s journey often begins because she is cast on her own and didn’t expect it. Unchosen circumstances put her on an individualistic path. I was thinking about my path, about the very domestic life I thought I would have. And how I didn’t obtain it though some unwise choices. I tried to tame a tiger. I have a friend on a heroine’s journey right now; she’s adjusting to the death of a long-time partner. But it’s not only a partner’s death that puts on a woman on a path that contains only her. There’s divorce, illness, disease, the death of a child, the death of a dream. There’s some Mary Oliver line….to love what is mortal and let it go. It takes a heroine’s heart to do that. What makes a heroine? Do you know?

3 responses to “heroine

  1. Interesting. I wrote my master’s thesis on heroines–trying to define how a woman is heroic, in contrast to the male concept of hero. And of course, using Joseph Campbell’s mythic patterns for the hero. Sitting here remembering, I think the conclusion had to do with defining herself against social expectations, which traditionally have oppressed woman’s spirit of individuality.
    I also remember working with battered women about 20 years ago, and thinking that sometimes it took more courage to stay (and be blamed as a victim) than to strike out on their own. It always depended on the individual circumstance. When I finished my thesis–I was still searching…

  2. Your responses, as always, are so intelligent and thoughtful…..

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