We sat talking tonight….a playwright, two writers, a photographer, and an artist….of our bosses, how cruel they are, what ugly things they say to us. They’re within, these bosses, for we, more or less, work for ourselves. They tell us we don’t do enough, don’t work well enough, fast enough, aren’t going to make it….whatever “it” is. The photographer, the wise one among us, said: you have to learn to ignore those voices. You have to concentrate on the work, on doing the work as best you can. It’s a habit, thinking those harsh thoughts. You must form another habit.


4 responses to “habit

  1. Bonnie Chumney

    Karen, I believe that some of those harsh voices we hear from within ourselves are not truly our own voices, but those of others we may have heard in the past, whether the comments were directed at us, or at someone else. What we have to do is find our own voice inside of us and listen to it. The creative voice. The voice who is unconcerned with making “it.” The voice whose only concern is the joy of creating.

  2. I am so re-writing my inner voices, love the idea of it being a habit I can retrain.

  3. Easier said than done, but I’m game.

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