They tell me she’s using the pillow that hung from a cord on her doorknob as a purse these days. That, and the zipper case that holds her Bible. Since the pillow has a Bible verse on it, the news comforts me a little….I like to take it as a sign that the Lord, whom she always believed in, is looking after her. She likes to have both of them with her. They have a wheelchair for her on excursions. It tires her so much to walk very far now. Otherwise, they tell me, she’s healthy. I’m on a kind of sabbatical, so I won’t see her until August, when I return to Houston. I left her easily, the on-going changes in her having made me tired and impatient. The Lord is my shepherd, says the pillow. I hope so. And I need some shepherding, too….

Do you have a family story, maybe lovely, maybe not? What an interesting and often exacting conundrum life is….

2 responses to “shepherd

  1. I was responsible for putting my wonderful Aunt Sara Martha and Uncle Raymond in a nursing home in Lufkin when they both failed at the same time. It broke my heart. They both wanted to go back home, but we couldn’t let them stay alone. There was no one there to care for them, and they refused to move to Houston or Dallas where family could check on them daily.

    So hard to see the people you love struggling at the end of their productive and in this case fun-filled, adventurous lives.

  2. Yes, you may need some shepherding, too..I know I did. Count on me.

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