I’ve joined a writing group here in Taos. Everyone brings a saying or quote. We throw them out. We write from the prompt of one or more for 30 minutes. We share, but no critique, just what we liked in each other’s writing. I love this kind of writing, gentle, explorative, safe, and so often, revealing. This last week, the oil spill came up in several people’s writing. There was everything from rage to prayers for us and the earth. Last night, at a dinner party, the spill came up again. Again, rage and blame. What can we do? What if people just met one evening and did a candlelight vigil for the Gulf? One of those same time all over the place vigils? And there are always petitions to sign, and congress people to write. Being here in Taos, where nature is so vibrant and where space has been protected from development because of the Pueblo, I wonder if the Pueblo Indians are still keeping guard over the earth. That’s what I’ve heard; that their religion is the earth and sky and that their life is around loving and celebrating both. But there aren’t very many of them, and modern life is making inroads into their culture.

I wonder what it’s going to take to get people to let the powers-that-be know that enough is enough? We have to begin, no matter how hard, to be more in harmony with the place that sustains us. So what do you say: pick an evening, get a candle, make a sign that says “enough,” call a couple of friends, and stand vigil for just a little while for the Gulf and for the earth…..

3 responses to “oil

  1. KK…the oil spill in my home state ..devastated…the birds, the marshes..how much more can that my Louisiana take? Katrina…and now this…

  2. I left a comment on this but I don’t see it yet.

  3. Under Lying Message

    Coma Baby, any ubiquitous tragedy
    Petroleum under the sea
    breaking surface
    fissures in our social contract
    corroded wealth
    corrupted Earth
    Tell me a tale of forgiveness.

    “Tough choices must be made!”
    Congressional random phrases

    The difference between faith and bliss
    engine of tarry black submarine
    leak of held back tears, grief of millennia

    I feel America crying
    taste salt, polluted brine, dystopia
    The best hope for our regeneration
    for our continuity
    for our survival
    Let GO
    let the race be won
    the trophy given
    the competitors disperse
    aglow in glory
    while we who endure
    quietly, quaintly, alive to each moment
    slip between the slicks

    June 3, 2010

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