It’s spring in Houston, no finer time to live here. My siren of a garden inspired this; it just fell out of my pen, a great thrill for a writer…………………..

The lilies are blooming. Is Cleopatra turning over in her grave, raising her long swan’s neck, clapping her hands for kohl and incense, wondering if Mark Anthony still loves her, if Augustus is worth seducing? Does she flutter slim fingers at handmaidens made of night and funeral ashes and ask for her diadem, her robe, her ring of red coral? The lilies, whose necks are even more slender than hers, sigh her name. The wind moves green lilylithe arms in summons, whispers the old names, Osiris, Isis, Thoth, and the great mother Nile………………………..

When I was a child, Egypt called to me, and I filled my mind with facts and stories from here. One I remember is Mara, Daughter of the Nile. What called you in your childhood? Was it a faraway place? Was it the here and now? Did books help you go there?

4 responses to “sirens

  1. Cleopatra was a real queen of Egypt. Unlike her ancestors who were nothing but harsh rulers. No wonder why she occupied the hearts of millions, no billions, of people all over the world throughout present and past.

    Have you seen Elizabeth Taylor’s movie? Though it was full of Euro-centrism, I still admire it alot and Taylor done a great job!

    How did you make connection between this flower and Cleopatra? Sorry this question might sound ignorant, but I am so interested to know!


  2. How did I make the connection? Because I thought my lilies were called Egyptian lilies…’s what I’ve called them for years….but when I went online to try to find a picture, I found out Egyptian lilies are lotuses……but to me, my lilies are Egyptian……

  3. Troy called to me. I guess I’ve always been something of a fatalist! But I’ve longed to go to Greece, the Greek islands, for a very long time. Maybe this year…

    I loved the Odyssey. And sirens remind me of that. Of course I loved Calypso’s island…

  4. The whispering pines of Virginia have always called to me. I was born, raised, and have lived my entire life here. I have traveled the world through books, and the places I have visited are fascinating. Still…none quite hold up in a comparison to the beauty I find right here. Just call me a “home-body,” or perhaps, an “arm-chair traveler.” LOL

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