some sky

I haven’t a big backyard, and I have the privilege of a number of grand old trees who were here before me, so when I walk outside and look up, I can only see some sky….but how that glimpse heartens me. I have to stand in the middle of the yard to see enough blue to make my internal blues lessen. Somehow I can breathe deeper. Bands of fear or anxiety that sometimes tighten around my heart let go their grip. I love the city, New York City, for example, but I miss Houston’s sky, miss the horizon that is so much closer, not blocked off. I guess one can stand just about anything if only there is some sky.


2 responses to “some sky

  1. Thanks for this. Here in New York City in the deep midwinter where the bits of sky I can see are often white or gray, I have been imagining your big Texas sky. Its healing just thinking about it, and reading your words doubly so.

  2. oh yes – sky is as necessary as oxygen.

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