Listening to the liquid silver voice of Sarah McLaughlin as I drive along the freeway. Her songs are sad; they make me remember failed relationships. I think of that place with another where you stop trying. It’s before I don’t care, way before, but it’s a bad sign. I think, if I had any advice to give, I’d said, darlings, don’t get cynical with one another because once you allow that, it’s too hard to get back to where the healing sweetness is.

Are relationships harder to sustain than they used to be? Is romance real? You tell me.

2 responses to “sweet

  1. 13 years & counting on mine. An enormous blessing. Amen to healing sweetness. A good phrase to keep in mind. I got a new cellphone recently, and instead of typing in ‘home’ this time I typed ‘lovely home’. It softens me every time I see it and I’m about to call my partner to ask about whether or not to buy eggs or something.

    Have you heard Sarah McLaughlin’s version of the Peace Prayer (Prayer of St. Francis) ? Its gorgeous.

  2. So sad but so true . . .

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