to joyce and sandi

My little writing group has made a shift. One of us has moved on. I’ve been luckyTBP_7153_2 to have a safe writing place with these two women. Here’s a doddle after one of our sessions…off the cuff….just words….

1/4/03… soaked all afternoon in the richness of the time with Joyce and Sandi soaked in Houston’s kind winter sun leaves rustling someone hitting an iron rod with a hammer ping went the ring of metal on metal ping sang the iron in the distance faraway dogs’ barks shimmer rustle of leaves shadows play on the deck of my house in early January cold tinged but no shiver in slippers and silk pajamas the richness of listening to these women read their words ideas tumbling bubbling effervescent iron rich heady wine and roses winter roses winter wine tasting of promised seeded unfurling green to come


One response to “to joyce and sandi

  1. Today I went to Half Price Books and found an early edition of Through A Glass Darkly. I’m not yet nineteen and so it was a real trip to see it- I had to buy it because your books are some of my favorites. Can’t wait for the next book!

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