a whole world


I was in an elementary school library this week doing volunteer work. As I shelved books, I thought about the first time I saw a library. I was nine. It was located at the school I’d just started. I remember the wonder of all the books around me. I remember selecting one about a boy in the Middle Ages. Was it a Newberry Award winner? Some day I’ll have to google and see. And I took one about Julius Caesar. Why? Very likely because it was there. Until then, the only books I’d touched were schoolroom readers and the comic books and historical novels I snuck from my grandfather’s shelf. A whole world had opened up for me, and I fell in it.

One response to “a whole world

  1. I know exactly what you mean… from the first moment I stepped into my hometown library when I was seven, books became my best friends. The first book that made an impact on me was Stephen King’s The Eyes of the Dragon. The first one that I immediately flipped to the first page and started over again was Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises.

    The librarians would keep new fiction set aside for me because I read so fast that they knew I would get through it quicker than anyone else!

    And speaking of my favorites, I recently picked up another copy of Through a Glass Darkly to give to a friend’s teenage daughter. I hope it means as much to her as it has always meant to me. It is one of the few books that I loved as a kid that I still re-read on a yearly basis.

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