the end thus far

Well, I’ve gone and done it, really finished the manuscript, after two weeks of literally rewriting the ending chapter every day. Parts of the book read as smooth as glass, a good sign, but I dragged my feet at the first signal I might really finish, only to find day after day that I was not finished and there I was drubbing out an ending yet one more time. Then I think I got mad at the book. Be done and go to your room. Now I’ve sent the thing off to my agent in New York electronically and printed out some copies for trusted friends to read. So it’s out there, but no feedback yet. Odd, I feel odd, a little empty, more than a little lost, with a messy office and tons of chores to do as I attempt to join 2009 and be up to date as far as “social media” is concerned. I jumped in the water (read last blog), and I’m dripping wet with no prince to kiss. 



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