a flower

May I step in peace upon the earth….I bow to you, a flower…..DSC_0094it’s a Sufi heart-opening meditation I learned this weekend, and the words keep reverberating inside. What does it mean to step in peace upon the earth? I have this sense of a kind of sacredness with every leaf, every stone, every tree. I have this sense of a respect on my part, not a blind using what I want and walking away. I have this sense of everything being sentient. I have this sense of my immense clumsiness. And bowing to a flower….I almost can’t wrap my mind around the words and the images that float up. A flower is so simple, so small, so low to the ground. It reminds me of the Christ’s words: Inasmuch as much as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethern, ye have done it unto me. Are we not all flowers upon the earth, too…? I bow to you, a flower…..


4 responses to “a flower

  1. so beautiful…the image and the words…

    • Credit had to go where credit is due. The words are mine, but the images are often my husband’s….Tim. He lets me prowl around his photo files, and I grab images like a magpie, and then somehow, the ones I choose always work with what I’m writing about.

  2. Dr. Edward E. Koen Jr.

    Thank you for remembering the family members that care for you.

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