rachel alexandra


Rachel Alexandera has made me so happy. She’s a filly who just won the Preakness, the first filly to do so since 1924. Her jockey and trainer and owner say she’s a one in a million kind of gal. I just feel happy that she had the stamina and power to run with the colts, who can rough up a lady on the race track. I remember being roughed up in the racetrack of my life, told by boys to be quiet, not to boss them around even though I was smarter and had the best ideas and for awhile they’d let me boss. Then, all of a sudden, it wasn’t ok. It’s an interesting conundrum, this life of ours, where we have to fit into the mores of our society and surroundings or pay the price. As I age as a woman, I can look back at all the ways I fit myself into the boxes of what I was told a woman was. Now I don’t know anymore: I’m just glad there are so many more choices and that women can possess real power in a racetrack that often understands only that. And I can rejoice when a filly outruns the colts. Revenge is a dish best eaten cold.


3 responses to “rachel alexandra

  1. Let that anger out!

    If only this society was not constructed on norms.

    Things are getting better though. I foresee America becoming a much more liberal place in the future.

  2. Joyce Boatright

    You absolutely blow my mind with your images and words. Wowzie-zowzie, you are so gifted.

    • Most of the best photos are Tim’s…..he lets me rummage around, and I do! Thank you for the kind words…..K

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