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This won’t be a long post. I’m a little nuts. I’ve done nearly nothing all week but finish up the web site I finally, finally, years late, put together through the Author’s Guild. I’m cross-eyed with writing copy and primitive html and finding photos. Does any of it matter, I wonder? dsc_0186

I’ve been advised how I need to go visit other blogs and somehow get myself on them. Does Ms. Huffington have time for me? Does a writer who has to make her living have time for all of this stuff? I finally joined Facebook and am already behind saying ok to friends. This all feels like something I’m going to have to really consider. How much is useful, as far as allowing a more web savvy, techno person, which is anybody under 45, to find me as an author? How much is a way to waste time? A time suck as Doonesbury so aptly put it in talking about Twitter? I feel like I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole.


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