deep blue sea

A friend and I were talking recently about love. About our failures. tulipAnd we agreed that it was because we weren’t able to love. That we went in expecting to be admired, approved of, paid attention to. If that met our unconscious requirements, all was well. If it didn’t––well. I never paid attention to the spiritual. When I was young, I just wanted to love and be loved by another. But when I say love, I had a boundary. I went as far as he went. Seldom further. It took me a long time to realize that another could not be all. That he would fail, make mistakes, be afraid himself. My friend and I have decided that a wonderful goal for our old age is to grow our hearts. 

A haiku from Houston’s windy, overcast, wonderfully mild winter day….

wind high, gong ringing,

pulling me deeper into

the heart’s deep blue sea

2 responses to “deep blue sea

  1. Yes, yes, YES! I am convicted of the same obsession in my youth: to be loved unconditionally, even with all my petty demands and shelfishness… I like the idea of growing my heart in my old age, but I must admit, the idea is a little scary, too.

  2. Hello Karleen,
    Your words about looking at love from the wisdom that age brings to us resonate beautifully. And leave us with the hope that we still have time to grow our heart.
    I am learning lots at your class – I now have several new characters for my book.
    see you after Spring Break. – Mary J

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