this life anyway


listening to moby as i take down christmas a song’s lyrics vibrate inside me at least we were together holding hands flying through the sky he sings i remember one of the only dreams about my father long gone stern and remote we were flying through the sky holding hands under us pyramids even then the dream seemed profound all these years later the song rings through me and i think of all that wasnt ours closeness understanding rapport but at least we were together flying through the sky holding hands just the way moby sings the way we never did in life this life anyway


One response to “this life anyway

  1. Wow, I can certainly relate…my father, long dead now, was more often than not uptight and stressed and finally gave in to it all. He passed and my only closeness, now as an adult, with him has been in my dreams where he embraces me, holds my hand and seems so much more human, tangible than when he was alive. I love the flying image… I think it represents freedom for all involved..thanks 🙂

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