The pigeon just walked closer and closer to those sitting out on the patio, hopped right up on the glass table top. My mother put out her hand, and without fear, he climbed aboard. My neice captured the moment with her camera, momtelling me later, everyone but Mother was a little bit “freaked out.” Mom doesn’t freak out these days. She spends a lot of time organizing and reorganizing her closet. It takes her even longer to dress; sometimes she calls for help but can’t articulate what she needs. Words are leaving her. I can see the Alzheimer’s taking away more and more from her. For Christmas, I made copies of the picture and sent it to people who love her. She can still charm the birds from the trees, I wrote. Everyone loved the picture. My sister-in -law thinks the pigeon was my father, who died in 1994.

Wouldn’t that be lovely?

One response to “Lovely

  1. K.,
    I read your writings regularly and was pleasantly surprised to see your beautiful mother in the latest.
    She was and still is a tower of grace and strenth…thanks for the “lovely” writings that you share with us all.

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