haiku practice

Sometimes I play at loose haiku, the way others do sudoku. I find the necessity for precision fun even though I usually fail at it. Here are some flailings….

on finding a bird’s feathers on the sidewalk:

dsc_06101at my feet feathers

spill across broken sidewalk

is it a crime if no one sees it


I’d dust for prints

but a cat’s small smile tells all


feathers spill across sidewalk

dove grey black tipped

a meow hangs in the air

Houston’s mild winters bring so many birds.

At the sight of hundreds on the electric lines:


sullen overcast skies

are broken by a hundred dark wings beating

against a grey wool twilight


they dip and dive against

grey wool skies and settle on the

lines….winter’s begun

2 responses to “haiku practice

  1. I read your first book in the 80’s in HS. I love your work. Have you considered putting them on the big screen? They would make wonderful films!

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