Hurricane Ike

There may or may not be a new entry on Monday (15th), when I usually post. Hurricane Ike is coming our way. I’m not right on the coast, but close enough to get lots of rain and wind. If power’s up, so will I be. If not, I’ll be back when I can. All my fellow coastal Texans, stay dry and safe…..


3 responses to “Hurricane Ike

  1. Dear Ms. Koen,

    I have loved your books, just finished Now Face to Face, read Darkly four times…please write the next chapter of Barbara’s life, she is such a great heroine and is such a pleasure to discover. Your writing style flows so easily that one enters your books as into another world.

    I pray that Ike stays away from you and your neighbors.


  2. Prayers are with you all. I know my Aunt & Uncle didn’t have power when I spoke with them yesterday and I can’t imagine there’s any prospect for you all getting back up today or tomorrow. Please post when you can.

    Big love,

  3. Shelly,

    The blog entry “Psychic Order” talks about the timeline of the way the books are coming to me……it seems to be the 1660s and 70s that I’m in right now……….Thank you for your kind words and interest…..Karleen

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