To my Christmas Cactus

Here’s my latest kinda haiku. I play with that 5, 7, 5 syllable poem structure sometimes. It’s like finger exercises for my mind. I usually notice something in my garden and work with the haiku structure to capture it. I always enjoy attempting the precision haiku requires; it makes my mind feel sharp, crisp.

You are late, my dear

I gave up on you––but there

you are–– four fat tight


the color of sherbet

palely orange


3 responses to “To my Christmas Cactus

  1. Cynthia Wheat

    After reading the entries on your blog I feel I learned a lot about you as a writer and a person. The ability to write and reveal true sentiment and feelings about family and every day life is a gift that you have. You capture so many feelings we all have but aren’t able to put into words. You made me smile, cry and even laugh out loud when I read about your grandson. You have a way with words and I continue to enjoy reading your work.

  2. Ms. Koen,

    I just finished “Through a Glass Darkly” and “Now Face to Face” I enjoyed both books! I feel like I got to know the characters and would dream of them in my sleep. I am hoping you are or thinking about writing another book to continue the great life of Barbara! I feel like I want to know more about Theresa, Hyacinth, Barbara, Slane, Gussy, Everyone! Thanks again for a great adventure!


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